What are the Best Gaming Laptop Review Sites?

On the market for a new gaming laptop?

That can be quite a struggle, seeing as gaming laptops are pretty pricey and it’s hard to find one that can perform well without paying a fortune. But, you don’t necessarily need to buy a creme-of-the-crop Alienware laptop to get top gaming performance. In fact, you can find a quality gaming laptop for under $1,000 without having to build it yourself.
That said, there is only one way that you will find such a deal…
You must know how to compare options. That sounds simple, but it gets complex when there are thousands of products available online and some are from previous years. Further, you could find a new computer model that takes parts from 2009, 2011, and 2012, and blends it all together to create a 2015 computer.
This is why you need to find out what both professionals and users have to say about a laptop before you buy it. To do that, you must first understand what the top gaming laptop review sites are as there are many unreliable sources for product reviews. With that said, here is a look at some of the top gaming laptop review sites on the Web.


Amazon is a popular place to buy all kinds of products, and they have almost every computer model in existence in their inventory. That means you can find real user reviews for a wide range of products on Amazon, so it’s worth checking for user feedback on specific gaming laptops there. But, there could be multiple listings for the same model so you need to be careful when searching so you know the true, overall valuation.


This is a website that any serious buyer should use when trying to compare the best gaming laptops on the market. NotebookCheck takes the benchmark tests from countless users and gives a fair evaluation on the computer’s performance. These tests can look at variables like the laptop’s processing speed and graphic’s card performance by game. Yes, you can see exactly how a particular gaming laptop will perform specifically when playing the games you plan to play.


As the URL suggests, this is a website that specializes in content about laptops. This makes it a reliable source when comparing the performance of different gaming laptops. This review website does a good job at showcasing the pros and cons of specific products, while emphasizing on who would most appreciate each particular model. It also offers simple stats for factors like color accuracy, display brightness, battery life, and much more. The cool thing is that each of these stats are compared with the relative stats for similar gaming laptops. For example, the Razer Blade was compared with the Alienware 13, which is a common match-up. On top of that, each model is also compared with the ‘Category Average’ which makes it even easier to see which particular laptops stand out for gaming use.


While they might not get as intensive in their reviews, TechRadar.com is still one of the best gaming laptop review sites on the net. They are a reliable source as their ‘top gaming laptops list features detailed explanations for why each model made the list. The only downfall with this is that instead of charting each of the specs by comparison, there is more focus on finding the ‘best overall’ unit. This comes down more to an appreciation for the quality-to-affordability ratio, instead of just focusing on killer specs and futuristic features.


Laptop ninja are different to normal review sites in that they score laptops based on reviews from multiple sources including TechRadar, LaptopMag, Amazon and a bunch of other sites. On the plus side they offer in depth guides on different budget categories which a lot off other review sites are lacking. ¬†That said, if you want to read more in depth review you’ll need to browse out to sites like the ones above although it does a good job of putting all the resources you need in one place. The ‘Ninja Score’ is also a nice touch for easily browsing laptops and see what other reviewers have said.

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