Spending Too Much Time Gaming? Five Ways to Tell


If you’re starting to wonder if gaming is taking over your life, here are five easy ways to know for sure.


You’re questioning your gaming time. If you’ve started to ask yourself if you are spending too much time doing it, then you most likely are.


Losing touch with real life friends and family? Take a look at how much time you’re spending with your family, or your friends outside of the game world. If you can’t remember the last time you talked to your mom, then maybe it’s time to ease off the game for a bit and venture back out into the real world again.


Look around, does your house look like a hurricane missed the outside and attacked the living room instead? More than one old Pizza box? If so it’s time to put the controller down and clean up a bit.


How’s your email? Is your inbox about to explode with unread emails? If so put down the controller and answer that important email from your sister.


Skipping social events? If you’re avoiding going to your cousins wedding, or your brother’s birthday, then it’s time to limit your time behind the screen.



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