Ten Tips to Help You Beat Your Kid’s High Score


You’re the parent; you’re supposed to be the best. So, here are ten tips to help you beat your kid’s high score.


Watch them play. See what they’re doing that you’re not.


Practice, practice, and more practice. Sneak in that extra game time when they’re in bed.


Read, look up whatever game you’re trying to master.


Watch videos. Often you can find videos that show you how to get past the tricky part in a game.


Try to think like a kid. Kids don’t worry about making that jump or pressing the button, they worry about winning and having fun.


Remember it’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun above all else even if you do want a great score.


Don’t let  it get to you. As adults we’re too prone to let our frustration take control, and the more frustrated you get the worse you’re going to play.


Compete. Competition drives most people, so find someone to hone your skills with besides your kids.


Let the world go, be free to ignore reality for a little while.


Walk through guides are your friend. They show you hidden game secrets.


Spending Too Much Time Gaming? Five Ways to Tell


If you’re starting to wonder if gaming is taking over your life, here are five easy ways to know for sure.


You’re questioning your gaming time. If you’ve started to ask yourself if you are spending too much time doing it, then you most likely are.


Losing touch with real life friends and family? Take a look at how much time you’re spending with your family, or your friends outside of the game world. If you can’t remember the last time you talked to your mom, then maybe it’s time to ease off the game for a bit and venture back out into the real world again.


Look around, does your house look like a hurricane missed the outside and attacked the living room instead? More than one old Pizza box? If so it’s time to put the controller down and clean up a bit.


How’s your email? Is your inbox about to explode with unread emails? If so put down the controller and answer that important email from your sister.


Skipping social events? If you’re avoiding going to your cousins wedding, or your brother’s birthday, then it’s time to limit your time behind the screen.



How to Tune Your PC for Optimum Gaming Performance


Most computers come equipped with integrated graphics chipsets that perform a basic job of displaying graphics and minor 3D video game environments. However, some modern computers come with pre-installed video cards that offer better graphics performance. Whichever graphics component you have, it is important to tune your PC for optimum gaming performance.

Cleaning Up

Removing registry errors and cleaning your computer’s cache will free up space as well as fix errors. You may also want to use a virus program capable of removing adware, spyware and any other viruses on your hard drive. Once the errors have been fixed, uninstall old files and programs that you do not need. Defragment your hard drive to reclaim space from unnecessary files.

Processes and Tasks

Before attempting to run a game, it is important to shutdown any unnecessary tasks or processes that could be running. If you are running multiple programs, or programs that can be shutdown, shut them down to free up your computer’s RAM memory. Your computer will utilize the free RAM towards running the game you are playing. Also it is wise to consider running a gaming optimizer program to assist in determining the tasks and processes to be shut down.

Software and Hardware Updates

Final steps to take for tuning up your computer are to keep your computer drivers updated as well as other important system updates. If your integrated graphics chipsets offer poor performance, you can opt to install a higher performance graphics card to assist with gaming performance. You may also install upgraded RAM cards or even a better motherboard or CPU to increase gaming performance.