Exploring The Top 3 Budget Laptop Graphics Cards Available Today

The standard laptop doesn’t come with a high end graphic card. Most often, they come with basic options, which can bring you a great deal of productivity, but it’s not going to be as good as what you can have when you look into upgrading. A simple upgrade that you are going to want to look into is simple, updating the graphics card. This may seem like it’s an extreme costing solution, but truth be told, it’s not. You could cycle through several top budget laptop graphics cards right now, and end up with superior quality. Once in place, you’re going to be able to get the best of the gaming, and productivity world. Whether you want to play the latest in gaming options, or you want to just ensure that your laptop is in tip top shape, keep in mind a few notes on this subject.

Before You Buy Anything

First and foremost, don’t just buy anything you see. You need to really consider the budget. The budget that you have should be modest. Aside from budget, think about compatibility issues. If you have a MAC or a PC, you will need to look beyond operating system. Consider the motherboard, the chipset, RAM, and casing that you have. This is not like upgrading a desktop, you may not have additional slots on the mother board. Know ahead of time whether you can even upgrade this card. If you can, you’re solid, but if you cannot, you may need to look at upgrading your motherboard as well. There are 3 things to make sure you check into before you buy anything.

Compatibility – The compatibility of your computer and the graphics card you want to get

The RAM – Check to see the RAM you have and whether or not you can run a solid card upgrade

The Space – Your laptop needs to have enough space to add a card or replace an existing one

Once you have thought about the aforementioned, you’re ready to buy one of the following options. These are based on reviews, price, and compatibility overall. This is part of six overall elements you should consider.

The Top Budget Laptop Graphics Cards

The following graphics card are inexpensive, and deliver on a lot of different promising features. Each price point is on average, but you may find them cheaper via various storefronts.

Sapphire Radeon R7 240 Boost ($99 avg)

As far as budget graphic cards, you are going to see this on a lot of lists. It’s a powerful card that has on board cooling. It can bring about some high quality gaming, with fast frame rates, and higher resolution than many others. The specs includes 2GB GDDR3 RAM, 900MHz memory clock, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and many other elements. It’s close to higher end options, but on a budget, this is a great upgrade overall. At under $100, this is a solid upgrade.

MSI GeForce GT 730 2048 MB ($89.99 avg)

GeForce is a name that many people may recognize. It’s tied to the nVidia branding. Another classic under $100, this is a card that comes equipped with solid spects. Some of the stand out elements includes 700MHZ core clock, 900 Mhz memory clock, 128-bit memory bus, DVI, HDMI, VGA out, and 384 stream processors to get you in the game. It’s a solid card well under $100, and features several texture fill rate elements, and 2GB GDDR3 RAM to boot. The fan is very large on here, so keep that in mind.

EVGA GeForce GTX 750 SuperClock ($140 avg)

As mentioned above, the GeForce branding is once again here. You will know the name, and while the specs may seem a bit less up front, you’ll see that the card makes up for it with a lot more memory bandwidth, 128-bit memory bus, and double the texture units you will get for the price. The specs include 1GB GDDR5 RAM, 1294MHz core clock, 80.2GB/s memory bandwidth, 512 stream processors, 16 ROPs, HDMI, DVI, and DP out. All this for under $150, is incredible. The fan here cools the card a great deal, but it’s oversized.

The above are just 3 of the top budget laptop graphics cards. Remember that you need to consider size, shape, and speed. If you only have $150 or less, these cards will bring about the best in gaming for your laptop or even desktop.

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