Best Gaming Laptop Brands

alienware-laptopBelieve it or not, people can literally earn millions of dollars playing video games. How? By competing against other gamers within an eSports league. What are eSports? This is a professional video gaming league where teams of gamers take on competitors to win cash prizes. These electronic athletes train to play these games in the same way that regular athletes train for their matches. However, there are some exceptions. Electronic athletes must have the best gaming equipment at their disposal to remain competitive. If not, they more than likely will lose a contest. When it comes to video game competitions the best gaming laptop brands include Alienware, Razer Blade and Origen. These models provide extremely fast speeds, lots of power and flexibility for eSports competitors. While these brands are best suited for competitive gaming, the average player can use one of the many different cheap laptop brands to play online games for entertainment and fun.

Asus Models

Asus is a decent PC manufacturer that makes high quality low end machines. This might seem contradictory but it is not. Asus models are fast, powerful and offer PC users lots of memory so they can easily perform complex maneuvers or use a large amount of on screen graphics. Keep in mind that most people who play games online for entertainment purposes will not need more than 5GB of memory and 100 GB of HD space to engage in most titles. The average Asus model has around 4GB of RAM and at least 2.5 GHz of processing speed. This is more than enough specs for a person to remain competitive in the world of online gaming.

Cheap Asus models include the 15.6” laptop, ASUS X models and the Asus Rog. Cheap Asus gaming models typically cost between $250 and $500. You can find out more by checking out these different Asus brands on a Google Shopping.

Dell Gaming Laptops

Dell is a computer company that has managed to stay around despite the current dominance of tablets and smartphones. While this PC company is not as big as it used to be in the past, their machines are still effective for gaming. Dell is not necessarily known for producing “gaming” laptops but they do have some models that will provide more than enough juice for the average gamer. Dell has teamed up with Alienware to produce the Alienware 13. Talk about a low end gaming machine infused with high end gaming power. The Alienware 13 has 2.7 GHz processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5.

Honestly, this is more than enough gaming power that the average person needs. However, this model is relatively inexpensive considering that it is a Dell based gaming computer. You can find out more about this laptop by at on the Alienware website. Keep in mind that Dell has other cheap gaming laptop models and they include the Vostro and the ALW. Dell gaming cheap gaming laptops range between $150 and $900. Keep in mind that Dell has some versions that run as high as $2500 because of their affiliation with Alienware.

Lenovo for Gamers

The thing about Lenovo is that this company is relatively unknown in the computer world. Sure people might have heard about this brand but it is not as dominate as Apple, HP or IBM brands. Regardless, Lenovo has some cheap gaming laptops that are pretty solid machines for gamers. The Lenovo Y50-70 is one type and so is the Lenovo g480a-ith (d) i5 i7 quad-core gaming portal laptop. These models provide players with more than enough computing energy to wipe out online competitors with relative ease.

Lenovo models are slightly more expensive than the other brands listed here but in terms of gaming machines; they are considered relatively cheap units. You can find out more about these machines by visiting Google Shopping.

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