Review of the ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71

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The ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71 is one of the lower priced gaming machines. Yet, the machine delivers everything a gamer might want on his machine. The DS71 upgrades easily to Windows 10. So far, users have been more satisfied with Windows 10 than Windows 8. The book is still open on this option, however.

Cool Machine

ASUS has designed this laptop to run very cool. If you use it on a desk or other cooling device, you don’t have to worry about the machine overheating during gameplay. Nor will it burn your skin if you decide to play with the laptop by positioning it on your lap. However, to remain cool, the laptop needs good ventilation and will overheat if used on a rug or bed.


This ASUS comes with one of the latest processing chips from Intel, the Intel Core i7-4720H. This processing chip can ran at speeds up to 2.6 GHz and in turbo mode it will reach 3.6GHz. The Intel Core i7 is a fourth generation quad core processor. Users of this computer have no problem keeping up with games, including multiscreen play.


The basic DS71 comes with a 16GB DDR3 chips. This laptop is limited to 16GB of DDR3 memory. The storage hard drive is a 1 TB HDD (7200rpm). If you want a 128GB SSD drive, there is a version of this laptop that includes a 1TB HDD and a 128GB SSD. If you play games that perform better with the SSD drive or are used to playing with this type of drive, look for these options in the DS71 family.


Graphics with the DS71 are top notch for this price range. This laptop features the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. As any gamer knows, the NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards provide top graphics on any system. This laptop will let you play games without any lag time, whether you enjoy FPS or RPG games. The screen that comes with this laptop can deliver your games with 1080p. ASUS provides this model with a 15.6″ FHD (1920*1080) anti-glare TN display. The DS71 family of laptops offers touchscreens on some models of the DS71.


The keyboard is back lit in red, the traditional gaming color for those who like to play in the dark. The chiclet keyboard is larger than some laptops. For those gamers who enjoy WSAD, keys such as W are specially lit and highlighted with touch controls.

Sound System

The sound system that comes with this ASUS laptop features ASUS’ SonicMaster technology. This sound system includes large speakers and resonance chambers to deliver more powerful sound with a driving bass. This sound system comes with ROG AudioWizard which lets you personalize your sound or choose from five preset choices.


Asus includes a one-year warranty with this laptop, along with 30 days Zero Bright Dot Guarantee, Free two-way standard shipping if you need to return the laptop, and 24/7 Technical Support. Asus also provides a one year accidental damage protection which includes drops, spills, fire damage and power surges.


Priced around $1,000, it is difficult to find another laptop with the qualities provided by the DS71. The DS71 comes with limited software. Software included is Netflix, Windows 8, McAfee and several ASUS apps. Customer reviews also indicate that this laptop does a great job on other types of applications such as databases, spread sheets or publishing applications. Battery life with normal use is four to five hours.


What are the Top PC Games 2015 has to Offer?

In the year of 2015, there is little left that gamers have yet to see and only virtual reality gaming really brings us close to new gaming innovation. That said, this just means gamers know what they like and first-gen titles are just getting more extreme by the year. The latest games on the Xbox One and PS4 are starting to catch up in gameplay and graphics to what PC gaming has offered for many years… And now PC games are taking it a step further!
In 2015, we have been given many different PC games that are light-years ahead of what was on the market in previous years. Some of these have slipped under the surface, with more mainstream attention on games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, but the top games of 2015 list will feature many high-reply PC games. So, here is a look at some of the top PC games 2015 has to offer you!

Grand Theft Auto V

While Grand Theft Auto V didn’t just release this year, it’s still ranking near the top of the best-selling games for 2015. This fact alone, you can guarantee it’s a hot title; for GTA fans, this was the example of a perfected PC game. Players on the PC version are able to customize just about anything and pick up various design themes to pimp out their players, vehicles, and more. Plus, as of September 2015, the game even has a cool in-game video editor that players can use to make it easier to showcase their gaming media.

Battlefield: Hardline

For a PC gamer, few titles can compete with what the Battlefield series has offered thus far. The game gives off a feel similar to Payday 2, but with a whole lot more gore. While the story mode is nothing to speak highly of, it’s true that Battlefield games are loved for their excellent online mode. This is something Battlefield: Hardline managed to pull off, which is likely why there are typically over 2,000 PC gamers online at any given moment.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If it comes down to online stats, then Witcher 3 eats Battlefield’s lunch. This game is the lucky one that managed to crack the top-5 list for games with the most players online at once. This puts it in contention with longstanding titles like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. With an intense, roughly 150 to 250 hours of gameplay just to complete the whole story, the Witcher 3 offers an immense amount of playthrough. This is why it comes as no surprise that the game ‘made media waves for it’s popularity this summer‘ .


When it comes to sports games, you can almost guarantee that they will see serious improvements year-over-year on PC play. From the controls to the graphics, it seems everything has evolved in FIFA 15. The game receives an average review of 4 out of 5, or 80 out of 100 in just about every important game review site on the Web. The game saw a bunch of new animations, better overall graphics, and somewhat similar controls to FIFA 14. It’s Ignite engine made for more realistic gameplay, taking away lot of the predictability that was common in previous versions of the game. For any soccer fan, this is a must-play and the best way to enjoy the game is certainly on the PC.

What are the Best Gaming Laptop Review Sites?

On the market for a new gaming laptop?

That can be quite a struggle, seeing as gaming laptops are pretty pricey and it’s hard to find one that can perform well without paying a fortune. But, you don’t necessarily need to buy a creme-of-the-crop Alienware laptop to get top gaming performance. In fact, you can find a quality gaming laptop for under $1,000 without having to build it yourself.
That said, there is only one way that you will find such a deal…
You must know how to compare options. That sounds simple, but it gets complex when there are thousands of products available online and some are from previous years. Further, you could find a new computer model that takes parts from 2009, 2011, and 2012, and blends it all together to create a 2015 computer.
This is why you need to find out what both professionals and users have to say about a laptop before you buy it. To do that, you must first understand what the top gaming laptop review sites are as there are many unreliable sources for product reviews. With that said, here is a look at some of the top gaming laptop review sites on the Web.

Amazon is a popular place to buy all kinds of products, and they have almost every computer model in existence in their inventory. That means you can find real user reviews for a wide range of products on Amazon, so it’s worth checking for user feedback on specific gaming laptops there. But, there could be multiple listings for the same model so you need to be careful when searching so you know the true, overall valuation.

This is a website that any serious buyer should use when trying to compare the best gaming laptops on the market. NotebookCheck takes the benchmark tests from countless users and gives a fair evaluation on the computer’s performance. These tests can look at variables like the laptop’s processing speed and graphic’s card performance by game. Yes, you can see exactly how a particular gaming laptop will perform specifically when playing the games you plan to play.

As the URL suggests, this is a website that specializes in content about laptops. This makes it a reliable source when comparing the performance of different gaming laptops. This review website does a good job at showcasing the pros and cons of specific products, while emphasizing on who would most appreciate each particular model. It also offers simple stats for factors like color accuracy, display brightness, battery life, and much more. The cool thing is that each of these stats are compared with the relative stats for similar gaming laptops. For example, the Razer Blade was compared with the Alienware 13, which is a common match-up. On top of that, each model is also compared with the ‘Category Average’ which makes it even easier to see which particular laptops stand out for gaming use.

While they might not get as intensive in their reviews, is still one of the best gaming laptop review sites on the net. They are a reliable source as their ‘top gaming laptops list features detailed explanations for why each model made the list. The only downfall with this is that instead of charting each of the specs by comparison, there is more focus on finding the ‘best overall’ unit. This comes down more to an appreciation for the quality-to-affordability ratio, instead of just focusing on killer specs and futuristic features.

Laptop ninja are different to normal review sites in that they score laptops based on reviews from multiple sources including TechRadar, LaptopMag, Amazon and a bunch of other sites. On the plus side they offer in depth guides on different budget categories which a lot off other review sites are lacking.  That said, if you want to read more in depth review you’ll need to browse out to sites like the ones above although it does a good job of putting all the resources you need in one place. The ‘Ninja Score’ is also a nice touch for easily browsing laptops and see what other reviewers have said.

Review for the HP 15-g013dx


If you are looking to buy a machine for everyday use that includes word processing, using Photoshop, browsing on the internet, the HP 15-g013dx might just be for you. The cost of this computer system is below $400. The great thing about it is it has a lot of storage room, much more than most computers these days. The Dell Inspiron 5000, for example only comes equipped with 500 GB. This is a review for the HP 15g-013dx notebook.

For those who prefer to use a traditional mouse or track pad the lack of a touch screen will be seen as a plus. For me, a touch screen, doesn’t appeal to me. Usually when I use one, I can’t hit the areas on the screen that coincide with the action I want as the areas I want to push are much too small for my fingers. And I’m not someone with large fingers.

It’s not great for hardcore gaming, however. It uses a Radeon R5 card to render games which only gets about 20 frames per second at the most. That’s with the settings set at the lowest they will go. If you set them at the highest settings, the system will be overwhelmed and make for sluggish performance, because of the lack of power. Using this system for gaming, especially the newer games with more sophisticated graphics, will most likely make for a very lagging play. This is probably the worst part about the HP 15-g013dx, assuming you plan on using this for gaming. According to an amazon reviewer, the HP 15-G012DX did a much better job at handling tough games*. This notebook better suited for editing video or photos and casual gaming. With the amount of storage space in this system it’s almost too bad it’s not a desktop, because I personally prefer desk tops for gaming. You could ditch the Radeon R5 in favor of something much better to handle these types of heavy duty games. In desktop computers, you have the option of swapping out your graphics cards, video cards, whatever you want. In laptops, you don’t have this luxury.

This machine doesn’t have a number lock or a caps lock indicator light, which will make it difficult to determine whether or not it’s been turned on or not, unless of course you push a button to find out.

Specs for the HP 15-g013dx:

  • 4GB RAM700 GB hard drive
  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • USB ports- 2 2.0 ports & 1 3.0 port
  • 1 SD card slot.


  • Does not come with a touch screen
  • Small price tag
  • HDMI port
  • Light weight, only 4.83 pounds


  • No number lock or caps lock indicator lights
  • Not great for hardcore gaming
  • Bluetooth is not supported
  • Internal speakers aren’t very good
  • The keyboard does not light up

The HP 15-g013dx has an SD card slot so you do not have to buy an external device to use your SD card memory. This will come in handy for people who either don’t like flash drives or have things, like photos or videos from a camera, stored on their SD cards and would like to work on them.

This machine will give you a great performance for the price tag, under $400. This has been my review of the HP 15-g013dx. Thank you for reading.

Lenovo Y50-70 Review

The Lenovo Y50-70 has managed to make all of the lists of best laptop for gaming in 2015. Though the average consumer might be thrown off by the nearly $1,000 dollar price tag, serious gamers and techies of all stripes know that for specs like this, the price tag is modest. The price to product ratio is extremely high with this purchase though it has not escaped its share of criticism.

Let’s start with the critics. The Lenovo Y50-70, like all of the products in the Y series, is a bulky framed machine, weighing in at 2.4kg (5.3lbs), with a short battery life. It is supposed to last for 5 hours, but with heavy use, it lasts closer to 2. These two factors tend to make mobility a bit of an issue for some. So if you plan on gaming in the park on a Sunday afternoon, this is not the laptop for you. Also, the Y50-70 tends to run hot during play. I would recommend that buyers invest in a cooling stand because the cooling fans are on the bottom so sitting the laptop on your bed or on a blanket will make them ineffective. Some critics have complained that the Y50-70’s screen is a bit dark compared to others in its class. Others reported backlight bleeding in the lower quadrants of the screen. There were also some who expressed disappointment that there is no optical drive included standard. Others had problems with the track-pad and the shallow keyboard.

In defence of the Lenovo Y50-70, it has been ranked as one of the best mid-range gaming machines around. The 15.6-inch display has 1920 X 1080 resolution and Full HD for crisper, sharper graphics during play. The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. You get 16GB of RAM, a backlit keyboard, and immersive audio. You get the 4th generation Intel core i7 processor keeps pace with the latest games. 512 GB of SSD storage is nothing to sneeze at either. Gamers can stay up to date with the option to buy a Y50-70 with the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.

What some reviewers have called drawbacks I call optimization. The black brushed metal of the Y50-70 and red backlit keyboard say, “I dominate”. And honestly, it does. It can keep pace with a lot of the high-end gaming laptops with no problem. With a super fast processor and 16GB of RAM, it is a bit of a battery hog if you are playing high-resolution games. Still, with lightning fast start-up and downloads the trade-off is worth it.

The optical drives are not included standard but can be purchased or added. How much of an issue this is for you will determine whether or not you think it’s worth he investment. For the consumer who still needs the laptop to do work, the Y50-70 switch gears seamlessly. Photoshop, Premier and Flash all run smoothly on this laptop, for those non-game-related moment. When it comes to connectivity and accessorising, the Y50-70 doesn’t miss a trick. It is safe to say this machine can handle as much as you throw at it.

Learn About The Top Acer Gaming Laptops Here!

When you want to figure out what the top Acer gaming laptops are, you can find some information here on the matter. Since they have made quite a few computers, you’ll want to stick with what is well reviewed. Below is an overview of what makes a good laptop, and which of the Acer ones meet these requirements.

The good thing about learning about a laptop is that you can read over the stats it has. You can’t play a game, for instance, that takes a GB of RAM on the lowest settings and expect for it to work without meeting that requirement. One thing you can do is learn how to check a computer’s stats by reading the box but if you’re going to buy an Acer gaming laptop used it’s best to check the stats on it in case the person has made any changes.

This laptop reviewed by CNET is a great deal. The screen on it has a good resolution, and there is enough tech in it to help you game wherever you’d like. Know that you’ll want to shop around a little, but that review gives you an idea of what a gaming computer by this company should be like. Not only does it have a great graphics card, it also has plenty of RAM and hard drive space. You’ll want to make sure you look at the games you want to play to see if the stats of the computer match up, but this should play most games out now.

Stick to a laptop that actually is aesthetically appealing to you, but know that hardly matters when it comes to how well it works. The only thing that can go wrong with a laptop that’s for gaming with the case is that it could have fan problems or ventilation that’s not top of the line. Make sure you look for venting and learn about how to keep a computer cooler. There are generally things in place for a laptop like this to stay cool, so don’t be too concerned unless your computer keeps shutting off from too much heat.

A laptop from Acer may have a lot of space on it so that you can store games. A TB of data is generally what you want the capacity of your gaming laptop to be, but you may even end up using a lot of that and have to upgrade as games get larger due to advancements in graphics and programming. Either way, you’ll want to look at the ability you have to upgrade a laptop later on if you have to, or if it would just be more cost effective to buy another machine.

Being aware of the various top Acer gaming laptops you can put money into is always a smart idea. You’ll find that a lot of the time, this is easy to make a decision on. It’s mostly a matter of selecting a game you know you will want to play and then seeing if you are putting money into the right hardware that can play it.